KEYSURE’s KeyController: a single and simple product for all your key security needs

Are you looking for a result-oriented key control device for your company or home? Look no further than KEYSURE’s KeyController. Developed in USA, the KeyController is a pilfer proof, tamper evident keyless lock box. It is a physical lock box used to store a wide variety of valuable items, such as keys, password, hard drives – to name a few. Continue reading

KEYSURE’s KeyController: A powerful key control device used by different industries

No matter what type of industry you belong to, every company takes maximum effort to manage their company keys and other valuable assets. Mismanaged, lost or stolen keys or similar valuable items can have a profound impact on a company’s costs. Not only can it weaken the overall security of an organization’s premises, but also its assets and occupants.

While technology plays a pivotal role in today’s business environment, automated key control systems can be expensive and complicated. In spite of their optimal performance, not every employee or employer has the technical acumen to use them.

Needless to say, industries look for efficient, low-cost alternatives key control systems. Fortunately, KEYSURE’S KeyController is one of the most effective ways to prevent lost keys. This tamper evident container is being used by many industries, including:


Handling residential and commercial property keys can be challenging, but not with the KeyController. The KeyController provides many benefits to property owners. Firstly, it protects a property’s keys from theft or being lost.

Secondly, it allows property managers to leave their keys with a third party, without worrying about it being copied. Coupled with preventing false accusations between facility managers and key holders, the KeyController makes it possible to have another set of keys in the possession of someone else.


Since the IT industry deals with an enormous amount of confidential data, it is necessary to protect this information to ensure it isn’t leaked or misused.

The KeyController serves as a simple, secure and safe IT lock box tool. It controls and audits the use of passwords or any other content inside the KeyController.

Besides protecting an IT company efficiently, the KeyController prevents unauthorized access of stored passwords. The physical lock box has to be broken in order to access its stored contents. As a result, IT managers wont have to worry about unauthorized access of their passwords or flash drives.

Facility managers

From office buildings to schools, facility managers are responsible for managing different types of structures. Every day, they face a variety of security challenges, which call for investment in additional resources.

The KeyController is an ideal product for facility managers. It provides complete security and control of keys. These managers can compartmentalize this authority into a select group of individuals to ensure the security of the facility.

Due to its simplicity, affordability and efficiency, the KeyController has helped reduce security issues for major industries. Depending on your specific requirement, you can invest in KEYSURE’s KeyController to boost the security of your valuable company products.   For more information on KeyController, click here.