Access Control – Secure Key Storage

The Key Controller can protect more than just keys—anything from USB flash drives to alarm codes can be held securely in this device. As long as it is important that information is accessible but at the same time not taken advantage of, then the security of the Key Controller container is right for you. Below are some of the industries that can benefit from the Key Controller.

Property Managers

Property managers for both residential and commercial properties can benefit from the Key Controller container as a proven key management tool and system. The Key Controller provides physical proof, prevents false accusations and prevents keys from being used or copied. Click for More

IT Professionals

IT professionals deal with high security passwords, access to servers, and critical company data every single day. They understand the importance of data backup and data protection. The Key Controller can act as an IT tool for those special times when data and passwords need to be separated from a system and kept available on an as needed basis, without the fear of that data being wrongfully accessed. Click for More

Facility Managers

Facility managers confront security issues on a daily basis. In addition, they usually command a cadre of employees. Any security device that would enable a manager to do their job easier would be welcomed. Key Controller is a security management tool that provides the due diligence and oversight required to control important keys etc. that need to be available on an as needed basis or emergency. Click for More