Key Control System & Security

The Ultimate in Key Control System

How many times have you heard someone say that they wish things were simple and easier to use? Well Key Controller makes that a reality.

Key control sounds vague to the general public, but it’s an industry term well understood by those in charge of security. Every organization, group and business has keys and someone in charge of those keys. There is always someone responsible for physical security.

However, with that responsibility comes the possibility of losing those keys and the need to have an additional set available. This is where key control and the Key Controller come in to play. By using the Key Controller container you are able to keep a second set of keys in the possession of another individual without fear of that key being accessed or copied except in an emergency.

The physical accountability that the Key Controller container provides is the secret to ultimate key control. Whether you need to control access for one key or 100’s of keys, the safety and efficiency of the Key Controller container puts the security and key management power of much more expensive electronic devices into your hands for a fraction of the cost.

The signature labels on the container also act as a second layer of security against misuse. The combination of a label to identify the contents and a written signature endorsement makes Key Controller the most secure form of key control.

Take key storage and security to another level with KEYSURE!

Avoid losing your keys with KEYSURE’s key control system. Our company’s superior key management systems will ensure that you can store and audit the use of a key, password or any other confidential content. The pilfer proof key control container uses tamper evident seals. Not only is the key controller simple to use, it is also cost-effective. It enables you to keep a second set of keys in the possession of another individual without it being accessed or copied except in an emergency. After you save an item inside the key control, no one can access it. In addition, we also provide key control cabinets for storing key controllers.