Key Control Systems

The Key Controller container is unique in that no other product offers as much versatility to so many users at a price anyone can afford.

The KEYSURE Key Control Systems is the physical audit alternative to any electronic audit system for those property owners that do not want to deal with electronic technology. These single-use lock boxes are an ideal accountability system for residential property where keys are not accessed on a daily basis. It eliminates liability and prevents false accusations. Our color coding feature allows one to prioritize keys in terms of importance. Dimensions: 3.75” x 3” x .75”

The ultimate solution for all your key storage needs

KEYSURE offers a wide range of high quality key control products to store your company keys, flash drive and much more. These key storage lock boxes are an effective and economical way to store your valuable items. No other product offers such secure storage for keys and other valuable items.

We also offer durable key storage cabinets, including steel wall cabinet lock boxes and single drawer cabinets for storing your keys. These sleek-designed cabinets can store several keys and other items, while their practical size and shape makes them perfect for everyday use.


Quantity Price
1 to 15 units $10
16 to 50 units $20
51 to 100 units $25

NOTE: Shipping prices are for orders in Continental United States only. International orders will be billed for additional shipping, please contact KeySure directly for International orders by clicking here.


Blue Lock Boxes Key Controller Blue # 101B $8.00
(Minimum order: 2 Units)
Clear Lock Boxes KeyController Clear # 102C $8.00
(Minimum order: 2 Units)
Red Lock Boxes KeyController Red # 103R $8.00
(Minimum order: 2 Units)
Blue Lock Boxes KeyController Yellow # 104Y $8.00
(Minimum order: 2 Units)

Storage – Key Control Systems

For quantities up to 100 units, we recommend our steel wall cabinet lock boxes (used with a padlock – not included).

Our single drawer cabinets have a 150 container capacity. These drawer lock boxes are modular in design and can be stacked or used side by side.


Hanging Wall Cabinet Lock Boxes Hanging Wall Cabinet
Hold up to 100 KeyControllers
Dimensions: (18″x15″x7″)
Padlock not included
Shipping: $20.00/each
# C18157 $475.00
Single Drawer Cabinet Lock Boxes Single Drawer Cabinet
Hold up to 150 KeyControllers
Dimensions: (24″x24″x8″)
Shipping: $25.00/each
# CD1W $660.00