What It Protects

Protect What’s Important To You

The Key Controller container was originally developed as a key management product. However, because of its simple and cost effective approach to key security, we soon found that it was also great for other items where access control is vital.

Since then our customers have found that the Key Controller container is more than just a key lock box. It is now used as access control for many other critically important items such as:

  • Keys (commercial & residential)
  • IT & Security Passwords
  • Access Control Cards
  • Encryption Data Keys
  • Memory Cards
  • USB Flash Drives
  • PIN Numbers
  • Safe & Lock Combinations
  • Credit Cards & ATM cards
  • Confidential Information

No other product on the market offers this much versatility to so many users at such an affordable price.

Below are some of our clients that use the Key Controller:

  • Tiffany & Company
  • Resurrection Medical Center
  • Jimmy Carter Library
  • Kohler Corp
  • Harley Davidson Corporation
  • VA Hospitals