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The most powerful benefit of the Keysure key control system is that it can be used to prevent those responsible for your keys, flash drives or other personal information from unauthorized access by providing physical accountability. However, they are still able to access the contents in an emergency or any situation that requires access. This is possible because the Keysure must be broken to retrieve its contents. This one-time-use key access box ensures that it:

  • Protects both parties from surreptitious use
  • Provides physical accountability
  • Prevents false accusations
  • Eliminate liability
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Please note: there is a minimum order of two Keysure units.

FREE SHIPPING is available on orders of up to six Keysure units.

Orders to states or countries outside the Continental United states will be billed for additional shipping. Please contact Keysure directly for international orders by clicking here.

Download a Keysure product tearsheet PDF here.

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Dimensions 3.75 x 3 x .75 in